Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am preparing for my second "class". All I want to be is a facilitator, present only in that I provide a safe environment for everyone. Last week, it was fascinating to sit back and watch as people interconnected their work without even trying. For one, we discovered that the way folk remember childhood is through color. Really early childhood. Now I am not going to go out and read a bunch of early childhood blah blah about this. I am just amazed to see that, given the assignment "Tell us about your earliest memory ever" that folks responded with floods of color.
And, there was overlap. Of course parents overlapped. And holidays. But specific colors, too. And it gave so much to the exercise, to the writings. I can still recall phrases now.

Off to finish some photocopies. "Preparing" is a funny word. More just making accessible that which I may or may not want to share. Should it be this "easy"? I want to meet with my old mentor and see how it was for her. But I actually suspect it should be. Natural. Easy.

Imagine that.

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  1. A lot of photocopying... I used to give the group so much reading material, I was pretty excited about what we were doing. But the concept of the teacher seperate from authority, seperate from instruction is difficult to find in India... maybe the term should be changed and should be diluted...

    People remember their childhood through colour. I remember my house, reds, greens, shadow... feeling relaxed. Do we get more and more lost each year we step away from our childhood? So Osho, Buddha, Ravi Shankar speak of rekindling the child, keeping it alive, giving it space...