Monday, September 26, 2011

a few sounds take me there

a poem came to me while doing yoga this morning...

a few sounds take me there

chickadee dee dee turns into
the twits of
bats on a cool fall evening -
the impermanence
of sonar.

i cannot sleep
up like the cicadas
long after midnight
long into when the day
has finally cooled
off enough to rest
so i rest.
all my tiny children inside
curled up under the creaking tree
of me now
awake into the wee

i only know i have slept
because at some point i wake
and think:
those were only dreams, sweetie,
that place never existed -
where he touched me -
that time is outside time.
but then i realize before i went to sleep
i was awake
very awake
and knew full well
what was happening--
the crickets
my witnesses.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clean House

About two hours ago, I just couldn't take it anymore.

In some ways it feels like our house hasn't been cleaned in months. Of course, my in-laws did a great job (especially considering cat illness and dischord) while were gone in Europe. But even before then we started a room-moving project that was left half done and meant that, for instance, my shrine room had two more pieces of furniture in it than usual and piles of things meant to get stored away, you know, when we got the chance.

That was two months ago.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Heart Connection

Missing my posts?
Try, for now, visiting
herspiral's photostream on Flickr.
A quick update so you can see more photos from Rotterdam. So much to write about, with classes now in their second week for the fall, and so little time. Here's hoping that photos will say some hundreds of words, at least.