Sunday, June 29, 2008

the magic of this place

this is the last of the photos from our trip to dodgeville and related areas this last weekend

(see the rest at

becky has been one of my best friends now for a few years. we met about six years ago, through pgi,
and had one of those "hey, i'm in the market for a good, close, intimate friend, are you?" conversations, and it stuck. we found buddhism together, sat through numerous writing workshops, sitting workshops and have cried together more than I have with any other person in my life.

she is brilliant, and she is leaving - leaving this land she loves so much, and me and the city that has hosted her since she left home. she'll be back one day, but for now she must go.

the best part about the trip for me was sitting on this ridge with her, and her telling me about how she has longed her whole life to share "the magic of this place" with someone. and there i was, right there with her.

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  1. great photo, great tribute, to an amazing woman and a wonderful friendship... and sharing the magic of our favorite places with our favorite people... *sigh* sad for you...