Thursday, November 03, 2005


(Photo from Castro in San Francisco)

There is a characteristic of the Midwest, which before dealing with recent difficulties, had always disturbed me. The fields. The open-ness. The lack of mountains or even high hills. Sometimes I felt comforted that I could see so many miles ahead and back, sometimes that felt like the wrong kind of distraction. Yet it is true. Mountains intimidate me.

But today, I appreciate the spaciousness in the Midwest. The lack of head clogging, visually. The ability for hard things to face to float for a bit before me, not be crammed in by strangers or even by skyscrapers. When I was in the Bay Area recently, I took a lot of photos of space (not surprisingly, a major element in Miksang conceptual work), and really appreciated what space I could find there. Here, it is everywhere. And for now, it is a strange comfort - being that space, with all of it's motility, is not comfortable at all in some ways, it is a sailboat on the sea, always in motion. Yet, once one rests into movement, there is a comfort. Not comfort in the sense of lulling. Just, spaciousness.

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  1. good photo! I will visit yourflickr site again this week. I had gone on a forest trek with my family! We were all staying in a forest guesthouse and relaxing, letting our breaths catch up. I had taken dhammi (my dog) with us, she had a great time - running around the forest, smelling every inch!

    I like the way you talk of spaciousness. A lot of my photos have a similar exploration. I have been drawing a lot lately... hope to scan some of them soon.

    Hills filling the view, "looking so far ahead is criminal"?

    "Mountains intimidate me." "Plains fill me." "How do I keep my eyes on the road?"