Thursday, July 28, 2005


Photograph of flowers someone gave us for our first marriage anniversery four years ago. Sitting with used vessels, next to the sink. Reasting inside a tea-cup.

Want to photo-blog sometimes?

Photo + a short note...

This kitchen was in NID (National Institute of Design) - small and pretty - though very impersonal, very officious.

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  1. yes. i had just noticed the photo thing and was testing it out, even thinking i might put up a "photo website" really casually, in a blog way, to see if i could give folks somewhere to go and see my work online. not here, but there are some other possiblities - i have a connection to myspace and some photo people set up out of there. also, coppermine photo gallery - an open source free way? anyway, up and coming...

    great flowers!