Saturday, June 18, 2005


My dog wants to elope with the monkeys. Jump over the roofs in the afternoon and get away.

I am not very clear, why. But this tendency is infectious. When the monkeys come to our colony all the dogs exhibit enthusiasm and lust - whch is unmistakably earnest.

Wonder, what the monkeys will think?

Letting this Sunday show me different moods than the romantic high-stay in which everything is exclamation. I allowed myself to feel things day before and I was feeling slow, something near to a car stuck in a quagmire. I didn't shove everything under the carpet, I slept early, I allowed my shoulders to feel the exhaustion.

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  1. "something near to a car stuck in a quagmire" --- things creeping out from around carpets. amazing how even when silent the dust makes noise. sounds vibrant and exhausting with all those monkeys...