Friday, June 10, 2005

Chemical Inaction

The chemicals do not act, my mind remains inactive. I border on the hysterical. My wide cleaned up my room today - we were expecting visitors. There are traces of formality in here now.

With this heat, we are wandering around all afternoon in the outdoors, frustrated. My cap made of rayon definitely adds to a few drops of sweat. I have a two-month engagement now. Will be designing some communications for a group here. I had forgotten to wear my belt today - was pulling up my trousers in the middle of each sentence.

Selecting photos, explaining my objectives on long-distance. Near the bridge which takes me from East to West Ahmedabad, from being rooted in meaning to being uprooted from tradition, from a city to an enchroachment on farm-land, from concern to devious carelessness.

The rain is slated to start pouring on 20th. The government MSW (Master in Social Work) who is to inspect our house before the adoption goes through, is asking for Rs. 1,000 as a fee. Is it bribe ? How do we find out ?

Early morning - all morning I was excited about starting a new group blog, to trigger off a campaign for arts-policy-reform in India. And now its evening, all day dragging my ashes from thought to deed - searching for jokes in casual conversations, scratching the arms of hysteria, I am almost ready to break a few ceramic plates, just to hear something meaningless.

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  1. The rain Here doesn't follow seasons, it drags along after them like a forgotten, angry child. Went to dinner last night with a friend and it was blue when we went in and torrent when we came out.

    Also, though, bribery is less common. Or the commons have less bribery. Or in general, our pocket books are much more secretive.

    Meaning is fragile. You can break those plates just by forgetting meaning. Not the same crash, but the plates' source analogy...