Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Everything is coming up Miriam"


A few days ago, I got emails confirming the following two good pieces of news:
1. Justin Nolan and I got a show at the Overture for fall of 09 entitled Known and Unknown
(Photography show with my dumpster abstracts and his Tilt Shift lens work)
2. Bridget Birdsall and I got accepted at Edenfred as day fellows - meaning we have free retreat space every Monday of September and October to write there. Amazing place.

I said to Dylan "sure, everything is coming up me, this is good news, but I just wish someone would publish my freaking poetry chapbook so I can move on already!"

The next day I get my third good piece of news:
3. Finishing Line Press will publish my poetry chapbook! Woo hoo! Finally!


  1. wow!!! that's SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i had to use wikipedia to find out what a chapbook is... you've been referring to it for years and i had a vague sense of what it was, but i felt it was time i got a little more concrete about it... )

    anyway, wow, wow, wow! :) so happy for you. i wonder if there is some kind of alignment of stars or chinese almanac thingies or something that relates to all these things happening at the same time... :) the fact that these things happened at all is not surprising... you deserve all this and more. i hope i'll be able to see the photo show... and i'll defo buy the chapbook. :)

    love you my friend!

  2. Thanks! A chapbook is a smaller version of a book - usually staple bound, and, in this case, about 25 pages. It's sort of the "calling card" of the poetry world - getting one makes it easier to get a "real book" published, which is, of course, my end desire.

    As for the novel - it will be readable at the end of this fall, is my goal - what I am working on at Edenfred is revising it so that I can hand it to an editor (and I have one in mind) at the end of the fall then hopefully send it out to publishers next spring before I go and see Natalie and start working on my memoir...

    And as for your novel! Still here, still safe - haven't read it solely because, as you noted, there are no page numbers and so I would have to figure out the order, first! Puzzles aren't my strong suit. But I have it for you.

    Love you too and I'll keep you posted about all projects as they fruition!

  3. *huge hugs* That's AWESOME! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!