Friday, July 11, 2008

Sometimes Karma *Is* That Easy

Understanding Karma, much less accepting/liking it, is a bit difficult at times. Then, some mornings, you wake up and some stranger is parked in front of your driveway and it is really that easy to get, at least on the surface...

It was a rough night, big storms all night, and Dylan sick, plus I had more violent nightmares (been the trend lately). Woke up numerous times, often couldn't get back to sleep, discovered in my semi-awake state the perfect resolution for my one act/short story about a slave falling in love with her master, etc, etc. Then, I woke just before 7 to see a car parked directly in front of our driveway. Not in it. Just in front of it. Blocking it, utterly.

First reaction I became conscious of: rage. What the fuck? Yo. Who would do that? Then, wonder - wow. That's ballsy. Then worry - maybe it's a friend or even a stranger but they are sick or broke down. I noticed a pink sign in the window and I thought "Let's meditate, see if we can' t dissapate some of the aggression from the dream, then go check it out." So I did - both. I walked out to the car, looked at the pink note, and it was inside the window, some kind of concert description. Then, I saw him. The driver, seat pulled all the way down, asleep in his own car.

Now I was really curious. I knocked on the window. Again, loudly. Four times, increasingly loudly, until he shuddered away, asleep on his belly. There's a bar across the street and Willy St Coop/Fete de Marquette party last night just down the road, but this is a first. He blinked at me, confused. I pointed at the driveway and shrugged. He sat up a bit more, clearly tired/sleepy/out of it. I said "Hi. You are parked in front of my driveway. Could you move?" in a totally neutral tone, mostly amused and/or concerned, the anger gone. He blinked again, then sat up fully, hard since his seat was all the way down.

Then he sort of got it and nodded. I think he might have not spoken English, or, he was just really, really really hung over. I am bypassing the homeless possibility (except for maybe for one night) due to a)his being in front of my driveway and uber visible and b) the fact that the car was a super pricey SUV and he was young and wearing a concert tshirt to match the sign in the window.

I went inside, laughing and he left a couple of minutes later.

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