Monday, August 28, 2006

Poem for today, not yet edited

as of yet untitled

for j.

where the river becomes lake
a bridge makes my heart
wider than the span
of all my desires.

wider than fire.

the water has no need
to be extinguished.
it flows and rolls,
tossing trout, spreading
algae to its shores.

boats pass and the water
is still water.

soon after, the lake is
river again.

the bridge passes over,
now passed under.

waves pounding,
open to the sky.

miriam hall


  1. wow. intense. this might well be my favorite of anything of yours i've ever read. (admittedly that's a miniscule sample of your work but still).

    it's like i can taste it and feel it all around me. it opens my senses and makes me feel more alive.

    i don't even need to know what it means to you, which to me is a sign of a really great piece, that it has a life and spirit of its own and isn't just a riddle--it's not something i have to figure out before i like it.


    and i've only read it once. going back for more.

    wow. nice work chica. seriously.

  2. Thanks! I'll tell you the back story long after, if you want it, after it's had a life of it's own for you.
    : )

    Another one coming in tomorrow or so...