Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Looking at that distant tree

Am I back from my extended self-imposed hibernation? Maybe.

I have been nearly two months here, in this company now. Some days are very clear, know exactly where I am going. Some days are muddled. I surfing the web wildly.

I have carried forward some of my projects - I have been working on my script and some incimplete stories. Been blogging my poems. Bought myself a Flickr Pro account for my birthday! Feel good about it.


There is a calm, uncompromising thread passing through my memories of these days I am spending in Mumbai. I am not pushing myself too much, I am not worried about money. I am easy. But that has meant I have "slipped" out of most social engagements, I am not in touch with anyone!

Like that quote read on my brother's laptop, "Don't relax. Your tension hold you together."


Have not been able to keep up with my BA assignments... I need a online degree. The net is something I don't really lose track of. As it is I have enough free time at this job. But enough motivation... maybe not.

Haven't yet found a house in Mumbai. Why? I am being very indecisive, very choosy. Don't want anything to go wrong. Just saw another few flats near my office... Mumbai is expensive. I don't think I can afford to live as comfortably here... in contrast to Ahmedabad.

I will post about the stories I am running with sometime. How does a story - described and detailed come across? Telling a story is part of it.

I find making "contacts" at Flickr much more easy than say Ryze or Blogspot... I see pictures, if I like them I already feel related. Am working on some photo ideas as well.

I was looking at my Vermont pictures yesterday, my sister said she likes your face... would like to be friends. Was generally feeling nostalgic. Why? I enjoyed the moments of "responsibility-free" living I had... most of my life otherwise is with filled with family and ambition... I would like to live like a tourist, but I have furniture. What will I do with it?

Ok, so I am very curious about Miksang. Very. Am keen to do a workshop. When are you doing it?

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  1. "Don't relax - your tensions hold you together"? Wow. Powerful.

    Yes. Free time and motivation - one is a horse that doesn't lead itself naturally to the water of the other to drink...

    I love this "calm uncomprimising thread".

    I too have found contacts through Flickr easier. Something about the visuals...

    I plan to take Miksang with me when I travel. So don't worry. I am not sure yet when I am coming to India (depends on whether I get into school) but I will bring Miksang with me. I promise. I am going to start teaching in Wisconsin this spring. I will probably go to Kentucky soon to teach there, too (I have to go where there is desire/connections!).

    Your sister's comment is sweet. Does she have a picture online I can see?