Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy day/ Buy my poetry book!

Dear friends, students, fellow writers and/or family,

My poetry chapbook is in pre-publication sales state now! It will be published on April 10, 2009, which just so happens to be my mother's birthday.

However, if you buy it before February 26, any sales between today and February 26th will contribute to the total number of copies of my brand new first ever chapbook of poetry printing. The more you all buy, the more they will print. Goal: at least 105 sales in the next month and a week, for which the press run will then be 500!

Help me out! Follow the link, slide down to my name (almost halfway, alphabetical by last name) and click on the buy now link.

A collection of travel tales and speculations, this is a selection of poetry from the last 10 years of writing, including my "PGI work", poems which came out of my writing studies with Paula Novotnak and Natalie Goldberg, and edited with all the groups I have worked with over the years. Most of this manuscript I finished three years ago at Vermont Studio Center while in residency there. And now it is out!

$12.00 cover price, with $1.00 for shipping and handling. There will be ample opportunity to buy it from me in person or from your favorite local bookstore later, without shipping, but if you buy it now, your purchase will contribute to the number of copies they print!

Sample Poem:

Coban, Guatemala

She knows photos
are an object,
color trapped so it can be sold,
like a poem, or
a painting, the blue
eternally showing
her poverty through a hole
in a woven bag.

She tells me
there is no white here.
In the cloud forest,
colors go home at night
to myriad birds,
trees and earth,
and leave only black.

None of it fabric
a Gringa can buy.

She smiles and steps aside,
lets me make my own
mistakes, my skin
under the sun’s gaze.

I photograph the
hibiscus swallowing
the rust on her roof.
My Pentax eyes
eat her children alive.

Thank you for all of your support!

Again with the link, at which you scroll down to my name to buy:


  1. Congratulations Miriam! And thank you for the wonderful sneak peek. I'm looking forward to seeing the book. I've been wondering what image you settled on for the cover. :)

  2. Yeah, so have I. I mean, I gave them 5 and stated my preference, but I haven't seen it yet! Cover will be up on their site by Friday (official release date though folks can buy it today) and I should have galley in hand soon thereafter!