Sunday, September 15, 2013

My favorite reasons why people return to writing

Philly, PA September 2013
I often ask students, in the beginning of a seven-week session, why they are coming back (if returning) or why they came in the first place (if new). It tells me a lot and occasionally also gives me great one-liners for promotion for the classes. It's easier and more fun than asking folks for quotes about the classes. Here are a few of my favorites from this time around:

This class lets my life haunt me.
Ambiguity is truth – writing shows me how non-dual things are.
Truth has no edge, and in writing, I find that non-edge.
Humility – really realizing we don’t know – is powerful.
I tell myself in my daily life that I can't waste fucking time writing, and yet, here I do it.
This class inspires me to have curiosity around being a curiosity.
If writing is swimming, then this class is flippers for my writing.
It's a practice around writing that involves other people. 

The ambiguity bit is important and powerful - it reminds me of the wonderful dharma talk by Pema Chodron, linked below. You have to be a Tricyle member to listen to the whole thing, but just reading the intro is strong - and joining Tricycle is a good thing to do!

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