Sunday, March 01, 2009


I have returned now from a week of writing in Taos with Natalie Goldberg and 24 new friends. Intense, sunny and psychologically, and also beautiful. The last day some folks were saying how much they would miss the structure of the practice in a group: in silence except to share, meals cooked beautifully and on time for us, a teacher to come back to if we felt lost. As always leaving a retreat like this I felt so blessed - still feel so blessed - because I have worked hard to make sure my life is filled with those kinds of experiences, constantly, even if I am often the facilitator. Over time, though, my students are in so many ways taking up reins, and that is the best blessing of all.

Many, many blog posts could come out of what I wrote, and I wrote a lot over the last week. All by hand, and for today the demand is placed on laundry and loving my partner and kitties. But I'll be back soon enough.

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