Thursday, February 19, 2009

Been a long time, baby.

Where on earth have I been?
Revved into the engine of daily life, reporting to my Junior High School students, promoting my book.

Sleeping in any nook of time I can find free, freeing my cats from their need for love by giving them all I've got, grabbing what sun I can get, getting ready for Taos and Natalie Goldberg next week, weakening in the face of chocolate chip cookies, cooking lots of soup, sappily loving my partner, partnering up in the face of great change, changing my wardrobe a bit because black, it's true yes, is more elegant, elongating my stories and spending time writing more of the same things instead of something new every week, more than weekly yoga. Yo. Gotta go do some more of all these things. Thanks for following. Thanks for listening. I'll be back soon enough with reviews and love for all of you.

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