Sunday, July 03, 2005


Slowness takes on a new meaning - if you think of me. It doesn't speak about velocity. It speaks of perspective. Imagine an ant trying to climb up three trees at once. One after the other. She will virtualy always be at station zero.

SO I repeat to myself, "Reduce the circles of your awareness." And there is no response. I cannot dress up to please nobody!

I will gradually get tired and then start lagging on some fronts. Then I will have less things to worry. Those who can't make decisions - break bones into steel containers. They learn to learn from failiure.

Succinctly put - trying to gauge, damage, measure one self too much can be damaging.

Letting the reigns loose - trying to keep my hair placid in the wind. The rain is seeping in through the walls. My paintings are puffing up with the moisture.

Slowness takes on a new meaning, when you think of calculation and fantasy in the same breath. Things seem to be so much off-center.

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  1. slowness of perspective. i am trying to imagine what this looks like, smells like, feels like. three trees at once doesn't feel slow so much. fast. it feels very fast, in fact. especially if in comparison "she" will stay at ground zero...

    less things to worry. "worry" can also mean a thing you physically fret over. meaning, worry at a tip of a thread until it shreds, or the like.

    it is hard not to choose very stimulating stimuli. to turn down new trees. but if you get too far from your roots, then i suppose that is what one has to do. cut down some trees sometimes.