Thursday, July 21, 2005


The rice-pot is on the fire. The rice slowly softening, becoming edible. Meanwhile, what do we do?

The world today seems to be in another stage of rapid self-re-organization. Concepts are dissolving into worthless words and definitions are changing. Does that sound like the BBC World Broadcast?

Rendered powerless by choices which cannot be taken because my eyes are still clouded by confusion. I have been gradually drifting. I have been noticing that if only a few of my needs are taken care of, I become relaxed and easygoing and wavering. Total deprivation seems to work. Seems to get things done.

Have been working more on my script the past fortnight. The script is called, "Something to Say" and is slowly growing into a feature-length-film. I have been reading a lot. Read two books by Rohinton Mistry - A fine balance and Such a long journey.

What can I cay about the books? Ummm.... I find the author's voice so courageous, so strong, that I do not feel cheated. I do not feel like I have returned from a tourist visit to a fictious land... as I keep the books down beside me. I feel like I know one more way to look at the world now. I know of one more way to be.

Calcutta was sweet. It was yet another "Nonprofit week", eating, drinking, dancing with social-workers! But somehow in India, there is a growing number of people are growing to respect such organizations. Which are based on grants, sure. But are going about there work in a very honest and transparent manner. How would one raise resources from the community one wants to work with - if the general level of apathy, poverty and dissatisfaction are so high, that no co-operation, no partnership exists. To the discussants arguing for a newer way to work for social justice, I would like to insist that the situations they envison be global. The situations be in India, Africa, Latin America... Else we will have one more approach which gains momentum and currency and is pushed onto us... to replicate and mimic. Let the argument be accomodative at this stage itself... [The Revolution Will Not Be Funded]

Another issue at Crimson feet is now pending. Am reading a lot of poetry.

The monsoon is over, its hot again. But the temperature is slowly declining. We are inching towards near-winter!

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  1. Back and cooking. This is good.

    You, as a BBC broadcast? Yes!

    It's funny because the first time I read "if only a few needs...wavering" and thought of that as a *good thing*. I am someone who lives so much of my life in the total deprivation mode that the idea of meeting a few needs sounds virtuous, connected and positive! How funny in some ways you and I are opposites, Prayas.

    I look forward to the script. Can you send a chunk?

    And finally...what you say about Mistry. I have been told again and again I should read him. And of course, thinking seriously about going to India, I figured I would start with him. And yet, even though of course I would approach it as just one version, I would be taking some impressions as truth. So good to read your review, first.

    Keep posted on Crimson Feet.

    And pay attention to those changes. There's an American saying "Keep your eye on the ball" (from baseball) which I have always thought was absurdly unaware and in this way, American. I mean,
    what about the rain; smaller, wetter and sufficiently larger coverage, all while you were waiting for some lump of rubber and skin?