Monday, September 26, 2011

a few sounds take me there

a poem came to me while doing yoga this morning...

a few sounds take me there

chickadee dee dee turns into
the twits of
bats on a cool fall evening -
the impermanence
of sonar.

i cannot sleep
up like the cicadas
long after midnight
long into when the day
has finally cooled
off enough to rest
so i rest.
all my tiny children inside
curled up under the creaking tree
of me now
awake into the wee

i only know i have slept
because at some point i wake
and think:
those were only dreams, sweetie,
that place never existed -
where he touched me -
that time is outside time.
but then i realize before i went to sleep
i was awake
very awake
and knew full well
what was happening--
the crickets
my witnesses.

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