Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Unplayed Playlist

(L-R me in my 2$ rummage sale find, June, Dylan, Alex, Patty and Heather and Tyler in front)

There are so many cheesy metaphors I could espouse here, the day after our third and final "wedding." The one which actually is fitting is the life ahead of us, and how it could be similar to an un-played playlist.

Last night, we turned our neighborhood coffeeshop (often referred to as "our second living room" by coffee-date friends) into a reception hall in less than two hours, with the help of many friends; our dream team of many-cited provenance: Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Rotterdam, London, Madison and more. Dylan and I came in with our well pre-prepared parts and itemized lists and we distributed tasks to headmasters who became loving dictators. Tealights in jars with sand, twinkle lights and tents needing assembly, 110 sets of plates all lovingly mismatched blues from resale stores, hand-sewn tablecloths, and food, drink and more food! The final piece in place, for us in our planning as well as to arrive to the party, was music. Dylan had made a "mellow" playlist for during the meal, then a dance list for afterwards. I made one, very last minute, for the "afterparty" should there be one (there wasn't - not one we hosted, anyway!).

We got to the mellow list, and later, washing dishes and taking out the trash at the end of the night, we discoed a bit to a stretch of his dance list. But most of the music went un-played. And that is ok. Let's hope we have plenty of time to "enjoy the music," so to speak.

In the coming weeks we will post videos folks took, especially of my tearful "speech" and moment of silence along with our famous couple joking nature, and the first ceremony from England last year. I'll keep you posted on it. Despite incredible heat and humidity last night, everyone had a great time at the party (not a frown in place) and we indeed felt very well-loved.

We didn't take enough pictures of all the combinations of family and friends, so please send them our way if you did! Thanks to all who came and love also to those who couldn't or we weren't able to fit in. We still are grateful for your support.


  1. It was really a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  2. Yay! Thanks! Is that you as a kid in your avatar or another young punk?
    ; )

  3. Haha! It is my inner punk. ;-p